Carpet Colours

Choosing Carpet Colours | Godfrey Hirst

1. Carpet Colours

So, you’re building a new home, fully renovating an existing house, or just need to freshen up a tired room or two, where do you start? From the ground up, of course!  Your choice of carpet colours will potentially inform all other interior styling aspects, from the colour palette of walls and soft furnishings, to textures, tones and overall finishing touches.

Choosing a carpet is a big decision and a considerable expense so you’ll want to make sure you’ve considered everything first:

2. Walking Into The Light or Choosing The Dark Side?

The light and space of each room will often influence your colour palette. If the area is small or lacks natural light, then a lighter shade of carpet will make it appear larger and brighter. Conversely, darker hued carpets will serve to warm up a room, giving larger spaces a cosiness while adding depth and character.

3. Expert Tip:

Carpet colours can appear different throughout your home depending on the light source. Borrow a carpet sample from your retailer and check how it appears in both natural and artificial light before making a final choice.

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4. What's going to work in this room?

Considering how each room is going to be used is vital when deciding on a carpet. A hardwearing stain resistant carpet in a forgivingly dark, patterned, or multi-coloured hue, will do the trick in homes with energetic young families and pets, entertainers may prefer a combination cut and loop pile in mid-tones, while the professional couple could opt for plush-pile luxury in a lighter shade of pale.

5. Expert Tip

Consider your lifestyle; decide if you need family and pet friendly carpet, prefer unabashed plush luxury, need a discreet neutral decorating base or wish to create a dramatic style statement.

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6. Setting the Mood

Colour not only adds dimension to a room but can affect your mood as well, so it’s important to think about what kind of feel you wish to create. Peaceful blues, greens and neutrals imbue your home with calm and are ideal for bedroom sanctuaries, studies or retreats, while bright coloured carpets serve to enliven family rooms, entertainment areas and playrooms.

7. Expert Tip

Traditionally cooler colour palettes featuring greens and blues create a fresh, clean and calm vibe, just as terracotta, orange, red or deep browns work to generate warmth and design excitement. 

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8. Naturally Neutral Or Pop Of Colour

A staple of safe decorating, the neutral palette has come a long way from basic beige. The popular grey based neutrals, ranging from ethereally light to smoky charcoals, present an elegant backdrop for decorating, while cream and bleached blonde shades work beautifully alongside Nordic interiors and open plan design.

Colour wins the day for specific decors and can be used with great effect to create a particular ambience. Rich earthy tones, lush botanical greens, feminine pastels, aquatic blues or dramatic purples all serve to tell your unique design story.

9. Expert Tip

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Browse our coloured carpets

Neutral shades come in both warm and cool tones and are the ideal decorating base for people who like to maximise their design possibilities. A neutral carpet can allow for colour customisation on walls, furnishings and furniture.

Bright and bold shades are not only for the decorating maverick. Experimenting with vivid hues, especially in smaller areas, can deliver a real design punch, lifting a room and creating a specific mood. Helpful too, in high traffic areas, a deeper shade can work to hide a multitude of sins.