Natural Wool Carpet
Best Wool - Natural Carpet

From the farm to your floor, wool is nature’s finest fibre. Soft, stylish and simply superb, your feet will fall in love with Godfrey Hirst wool carpet


The clever fibre

Wool is a natural, renewable and biodegradable fibre.  Godfrey Hirst Carpets has combined the latest manufacturing technology with Mother Nature’s natural wool fibres to create the finest wool carpets.

Minimal maintenance

Each wool fibre is naturally protected, to help resist staining and soiling.

Natural insulation

Wool’s natural properties help to keep your home cool in summer and warm in winter. What’s more, wool carpets have excellent acoustic insulation to keep indoor noise levels down.

Strong as

Wool fibres can stretch, bend and spring back to shape making your Godfrey Hirst wool carpet  durable and long-lasting.

Soft as

Let your toes sink into the luxurious, natural softness that is Godfrey Hirst wool carpet.


Lamp, owls – Carina Sherlock.  Cushions – Linen House.