Timber Care

Your Godfrey Hirst Engineered Timber floor requires routine care and regular maintenance to ensure it maintains its beauty. It is easy to care for and does not require waxing. Just follow the easy steps below:


Never use abrasive cleaners, nylon scouring pads, steel wool or scouring powder as they may damage the floor.

Steam cleaners are not suitable for use with any type of engineered floor.

Never use oil, soap, wax or other household products or polishes to clean the floor. These finishes may make the floor slippery and can leave a dull finish on the floor which is difficult to remove (sometimes impossible).

Never flood the floor with water. Promptly soak up bulk liquid spills, including pet urine. Water can cause damage to wood floors.

Which Cleaner?

Use any non-abrasive, soap-free cleaner designed for engineered timber floors (as appropriate) on a regular basis.

Sweep, Vacuum

Perform as often as necessary (preferably with an effective dust filter and suction nozzle for hard surfaces) or dust mop to remove any loose dirt or grit which could damage the floor. Vacuums with a beater bar or power rotary brush head can damage the floor and should never be used.


Rotate mats, rugs and furniture where practical as intense natural and artificial light can discolour these products.

Footprints or Dirt

Wipe down with a well-rung damp mop or cloth (avoiding excessive amounts of water) to remove any footprints or dirt, wiping parallel to the boards. You can also use ready-to-use impregnated cleaning cloths or wet wipes.


While the factory finish of Godfrey Hirst Engineered Timber floors may be refinished, doing so will void the Surface Warranty. However, if your Godfrey Hirst Floor starts to show dull spots or signs of wear, its gloss can be restored by lightly sanding and re-coating with a water based urethane dressing approved by Godfrey Hirst. The use of non-approved floor coatings can lead to post installation coatings flaking off the surface of your floor.

**It is essential that Godfrey Hirst is contacted prior to any sanding or re-coating process.


Minor nicks and scratch marks can usually be easily repaired using repair accessories such as colour matched filler sticks. Ask your retailer for details of Godfrey Hirst recommended repair accessories.



For more advice and ways to protect your floor please visit our care tips page