Some of the questions we commonly answer about Timber flooring

What is Engineered Timber flooring?

Engineered Timber flooring consists of three layers being: a top layer of hardwood, a core (normally hardwood, plywood or HDF) and a backing layer veneer. These layers are pressed together in opposing directions to create a single board. Engineered Timber floors are designed and manufactured specifically to be used for flooring making them a very stable alternative to solid timber floors.


What type of Timber flooring does Godfrey Hirst sell?

All Godfrey Hirst Timber floors are Engineered Timber floors with a real hardwood timber surface. Our ranges offer a variety of styles and colours, including Australian Species such as Spotted Gum, Blackbutt and Iron Bark.

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How hard is Engineered Timber flooring?

Engineered Timber flooring is available in many different species of hardwood with varying hardness ratings. When measuring the hardness of timber a Janka rating is used. The Janka hardness rating is simply the Kilonewtons (KN) of force required to dent the timber by pressing a small ball into it. The higher the number the harder the floor.

Examples below:

Species Janka Rating (kN)

Oak 6
Kempas 7.6
Jarrah 9
Merbau 8.5
Blackbutt 9
Spotted Gum 11
Bamboo (strand woven) 16



Will my Engineered Timber floor show colour variation?

Yes, with a real hardwood timber surface, each high quality Godfrey Hirst Engineered Timber floor board features distinct knots and stain variation, providing authentic visual appeal.

No two trees are the same, and as a result no two Godfrey Hirst Engineered Timber floors are the same.



Will my Engineered Timber floor dent and scratch?

Yes. The harder the timber is the harder it is to dent but all timber will dent and although the coating is extremely hard wearing it will not stop scratching. Please refer to our Timber Care and Care Tips pages for information and tips to protect your flooring against dents and scratches.


Can I direct stick my Engineered Timber floor?

Yes. Because of the stable construction, Engineered Timber floors can be adhered directly to the subfloor or installed using a floating method. Whilst this method will reduce foot fall sound, if you need to repair or replace part or all of the floor direct stick installation makes it difficult to do so. Godfrey Hirst provide installation guidelines for all of our flooring products including Timber.


Can I sand and recoat my Engineered Timber floor?

Although it is possible to sand and recoat Engineered Timber floors, in our experience very few Engineered Timber floors are ever re-sanded. Our Wearguard® coating system protects the floor from wear and by following our floor care tips, you can protect against dents and scratches keeping your floor looking great over time. It is essential that Godfrey Hirst is contacted prior to any sanding or recoating process. Please refer to our Timber Care and Care Tips pages for more information.