Malvern - 290 Ashlyn


    • Vinyl Sheet

      Vinyl Sheet

    • Water Proof^

      Can be used through your home, including wet areas, for a seamless look (subject to proper installation and maintenance).

      Water Proof^



    Low - Godfrey Hirst flooring is available at many price points to suit all budgets. You should seek to buy the highest quality flooring you can afford so you can enjoy it for years to come.


    • Low Maintenance

      Low Maintenance and easy to clean. Vacuums easily and marks can be removed with just a soft, damp cloth.

      Low Maintenance


Malvern brings together high design interior styles combined with an ex tremely durable wear layer. Malvern's heavy duty residential rating dictates confidence with a floor that will handle the very busiest of home environments combined with an easy clean waterproof surface. Its super compact backing gives the product premium strength and wear resistance.


30m (L) x 2m (W)