Regent - 180 Mayfair


    • Vinyl Plank

      Vinyl Plank flooring recreates a true timber look with durable wear layer. Vinyl Plank floors are comfortable, quiet and easy to install.

      Vinyl Plank

    • Water Proof^

      Can be used through your home, including wet areas, for a seamless look (subject to proper installation and maintenance).

      Water Proof^

    Square Edge

    Square edges create a sleek and seamless floor.

    Square Edge


    Our matte finish flooring choices have the lowest level of shine and reflection across our ranges.


    Direct Stick

    Can be glued directly to a variety of subfloors, allowing for easy installation in all areas including bathrooms, laundries & kitchens.

    Direct Stick



    Medium - Godfrey Hirst flooring is available at many price points to suit all budgets. You should seek to buy the highest quality flooring you can afford so you can enjoy it for years to come.


    • Low Maintenance

      Low Maintenance and easy to clean. Vacuums easily and marks can be removed with just a soft, damp cloth.

      Low Maintenance


Durable, easy to maintain and waterproof^, Regent vinyl planks are the perfect choice for creating a beautiful timber look throughout all areas. The stunning colour palette provides a range of options to suit a variety of interiors, so you can find a warm and comfortable timber-look floor that complements your style.


Available in Direct Stick and Direct Stick Plus:

Direct Stick
Panel: 1219 x 178 x 2.5mm
Box: 18 planks / 3.91m2

Direct Stick Plus
Panel: 1219 x 178 x 4.5mm
Box: 10 planks / 2.17m2


Wear Layer Thickness: