Your carpet will be with you for a long time so it’s important to think about how the space will be used.
Our variety of styles will provide plenty of options to ensure you pick the right carpet to fit your lifestyle and design requirements.

Cut Pile

Cut pile carpet is made by threading the fibre through the carpet backing. The tops of the loops are cut leaving upright tufts of fibre. This creates a luxurious and uniform look.

Cut Pile Twist

Cut pile twist carpet is highly twisted, producing pile that lies in different directions. It has a luxurious feel and a smooth and random textured finish.

  • Hardwearing and maintain their finish, so ideal for high foot trafficked areas
  • Textured finish is less likely to show shading or tracking

Cut Pile Plush

Cut pile plush carpet features a short and slightly twisted pile with light reflecting strands that produce texture and depth. A beautiful, soft, dense texture that creates a more formal look and naturally features velvet-like shading.

  • Can display tracking from footprints and vacuuming
  • Sometimes called velvet or velour carpet

Loop Pile

Loop pile is made by threading the fibre through the carpet backing and back through the front again to form a series of loops. It has a more textured look, hides footprints and is well suited to high traffic areas.

Level Loop Pile

Level loop pile carpet has all of the loops at a uniform length. It has a distinct texture with low and tight loops.

  • Great choice for high traffic spots
  • Do not show footprints

Multi-Level Loop Pile

Multi Level Loop uses loops of varying heights to create unique patterns and interesting textures. The loops ensure a hard-wearing carpet that works well in medium to high-traffic rooms

  • This style is also known as High-Low Loop Pile, Textured Loop Pile or Patterned Textured Loop Pile.
  • Can be used in a random or sequenced design to create textures or patterns

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