Eco+ Ultimate Carpet Test

eco+® carpet is the clear winner in the Ultimate Carpet Test. But with eco+ you can be a winner too. Buy your eco+® carpet by 30 October and you could win $20,000

High above the Sydney Opera House, overlooking the beautiful Sydney Harbour, we built the Godfrey Hirst Arena for the Ultimate Carpet Test. 

We covered the 10 x 15 metre arena in eco+ Carpet in Sunrise Arctic Snow (that's really light-coloured carpet) and brought in 5,000 litres of brightly coloured mess.

Four Aussie feuding families, cheered on by over 100 spectators, competed to win a house full of carpet and to prove that eco+® carpet can clean with just cold water.

The families fought a noble battle with one team left standing. There were trips and twists, slips and stumbles, as the Johnson's, the Jolley's, the Maloney's and the Bortolussi families fought for the ultimate prize.

The stumbles became splashes, the slips became spills. Under the hot Aussie sun, in over 30 degree heat we let those spills turn into stains.

Find out how to win with eco+® carpet 


Ultimate Carpet Test eco+
Ultimate Carpet Test eco+