Ultimate Carpet Test

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2. Ultimate Carpet Test

In Sydney, we built the Godfrey Hirst arena using 150 square metres of eco+® carpet and spilt over 5,000 litres of food mess.

Did the carpet clean with just cold water?

Stains, spills, action! Watch it here!

Eco+ Ultimate Carpet Test | The Families

3. Meet the Families

Four lucky families travelled from all over Australia to put Godfrey Hirst eco+® carpet to the ultimate test.

Meet the families

Eco+ Ultimate Carpet Test | Food Mess

4. The Food Mess

Over 5,000 litres of food mess was poured onto light-coloured eco+® carpet in the ultimate carpet test. 

What food did we test?

Eco+ Ultimate Carpet Test | The Action

5. The Action

A giant game board of 150 square metres eco+® carpet, covered in stubborn food mess. Four families competed to tangle, balance and outlast each other to win eco+® carpet for their home.

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Eco+ Ultimate Carpet Test | The Results

6. The Results

Who was the winner? Did the eco+® carpet clean with just cold water? 

Find out the results here



Deborah from WA has won the ECO+ $20,000 prize!

Thank you to everyone who entered, we hope you are enjoying your new eco+ carpet!