Hybrid Care

With a little routine care and regular maintenance, it is easy to look after your Godfrey Hirst Hybrid Floor. Just follow the easy steps below:


Ensuring the correct placement of external and internal door mats can reduce walked in dirt, sand and stones substantially. These provide additional protection and are the first line of defense in reducing fine scratches and dents. Clean mats regularly.

Make sure all movable items of furniture are fitted with appropriate felt pads and gliders. This will again assist with protecting your new Hybrid Floor from household damage.

Never use abrasive cleaners, nylon scouring pads, steel wool or scouring powder as they may damage the floor.

Always read the manufacturer’s instructions before using any cleaning solution and never spray them directly onto the floor.

Never use oil, soap, wax or polishes to clean the floor. These finishes may make the floor slippery and can leave a dull finish on the floor.

Sweep, Vacuum

Daily sweep with a soft dry broom or vacuum (preferably with an effective dust filter and suction nozzle for hard surfaces) to remove any loose dirt or grit which could damage the floor.

Routine Cleaning

Clean the floor weekly using water and a PH neutral cleaner to remove any footprints, dirt and other stains or marks. Scuffs and stains can also easily be removed by a diluted solution of household ammonia or white spirit. Use a damp cloth, mop or sponge – not a wet one.


Natural or intense artificial light may cause a whitening effect which may become visible in comparison to those areas covered by rugs or furniture which will appear yellower. Generally, this yellow effect will disappear after a few weeks when these areas are again exposed to light.


Some latexes/rubbers, which contain certain antioxidants, can permanently cause yellow staining. The rubber of this type is often used in backings for rugs and mats, protective feet for stools, low-cost shoes and wheels for trolleys and wheelchairs. Non-staining vinyl backed mats or woven rugs identified as colourfast should be used on hybrid floors. If the floor is to be subjected to any of these applications, darker colours are recommended which will hide any discolouration, should it occur.


Minor nicks and scratch marks can usually be resorted by first cleaning the affected area, and then applying furniture scratch cover oil with a clean white cloth.


Surface treatments on Godfrey Hirst Hybrid Floors prevents most spots and stains and damage from liquids, though some materials or colourants (such as tar, grease, oil, dyes, waxes, ball point or marker pens) may under certain conditions migrate into the wear layer causing indelible stains. So even though the floor will not be spoiled if you drop drinks, food and the like, it is best to clean up as soon as possible using a dry cloth and recommended cleaning agent.



For more advice and ways to protect your floor please visit our care tips page