The Block NZ is back

The soldiers have enlisted. The battlefield is drawn. The Block NZ: Villa Wars, the TV3 ratings winner is back weeknights at 7:30pm. The weapons are paint swatches and the battlefields are luxury villas ... this is a DIY and home renovation show, and we LOVE it!

Once again, the Block NZ provides a platform for Godfrey Hirst products to shine and we look forward to seeing what the team decide is hot in flooring and how they style their rooms to suit.

The Teams

Hayden and Jamie (Team Orange)
Hayden, a former police officer now law student and his sales-rep fiancée, Jamie have been together for four years. She's competitive and he can sell snow to the Eskimos. Together they hope to win this thing so they can buy their own home and start a family.

Cat and Jeremy (Team Yellow)
Preschool teacher Cat, and her partner of four years, Art Director Jeremy already have one completed renovation under their tool belt. Their renovation expertise teamed with Jeremy's experience in industrial design could give them a competitive edge.

Brooke and Mitch (Team Purple)
Mitch is a plumber and his girlfriend of eight years, Brooke is a personal banker who loves to shop. Brooke will manage the budget and shopping and leave the creativity and the practical work to Mitch. Fresh home from the UK, Mitch and Brooke hope to save for a house and start a family.

Sarah and Minanne (Team Blue)
In the first all-girl team on The Block NZ, sisters Sarah and Minanne say they're not afraid to voice strong opinions. Sarah has a Master’s degree in industrial design, younger sister Minanne is studying for a BA in commerce. They grew up around renovations with their builder father and, in spite of their small stature, insist they are not to be underestimated.

The Judges

Two new judges will cast their critical eye over the room reveals of Season 4 of The Block NZ: Interior designer Jason Bonham and real estate agent Bernadette Morrison. Bonham is hoping to see new interpretations of the Kiwi style, 'I'm ready to see something new, innovative, exciting and unexpected,' he said.

Morrison is looking forward to helping the teams get the best out of their villas, 'I'm hoping that my feedback throughout the series will help the teams to achieve the best price possible for their house on auction day.'

We loved the room reveals featuring our carpet on The Block NZ Season 3 and can't wait to see how the couples transform these rundown properties into luxury villas.

Images of The Block NZ: TV3 and NZ Herald.
The Block NZ Hayden and Jamie
Hayden & Jamie
The Block NZ Cat and Jeremy
Cat & Jeremy
The Block NZ Brooke and Mitch
Brooke & Mitch
The Block NZ Sarah and Minnane
Sarah & Minanne
The Block NZ Judges
Two New Judges