The Block NZ Season 5: Girls vs Boys

Four boys and four girls, this season's The Block NZ is a battle of the sexes

Four 1980s townhouses, four boys and four girls. This season of The Block NZ is a battle of the sexes with two teams of boys and two teams of girls competing for the big cash auction prize. Godfrey Hirst eco+ is providing the carpet, so we can't wait to see the room reveals.

With an environmental spin, this season teams have to create the most environmentally friendly, energy efficient and sustainable houses. Out with the 80s brickwork, tacky tiles and lurid laminate and in with the solar panels, water tanks and hydronic heating.

Meet the Girls

Niki and Tiff - Niki is 29 and a Forensic Research Scientist. Together with Tiff, 35 Set dresser and buyer for film and TV. They are friends, first time renovators but very confident in their ability to create stunning interiors.

Emma and Courtney are close friends too. Emma (27) works in admin for the Otago Rugby Union and Courtney (25) runs a homeware and interior-design business. They also have limited renovation experience but think they are strong in interior design.

Meet the Boys

Sam and Emmett are housemates. They are both 29, Emmett a HR advisor and Sam is a business development manager. It's safe to say they have limited experience on building sites, aren't too confident in their styling but hope good humour will get them through.

Dyls and Dylz are tipped as the team to beat. Dyls is a qualified builder and Dylz a personal trainer with building experience. Together they make a formidable building team but confess to a lack of experience in interior design.

Two new judges will scrutinise this year's room reveals. Architect Paul Izzard hopes to see clever space planning and imaginative conceptual ideas with quality finishes. Interior designer Fiona McLeod has her fingers crossed for a variety of innovative elements 'where fashion meets function'.

The Block NZ: Girls vs Boys starts this Sunday, 29 May at 7pm and continues Monday to Wednesday at 7.30pm on TV3.

Credit: All images sourced from TV3 and Media Works. 
The Block NZ | Niki and Tiff | Godfrey Hirst
Niki and Tiff
The Block NZ | Emma and Courtney | Godfrey Hirst
Emma and Courtney
The Block NZ | Sam and Emmett | Godfrey Hirst
Sam and Emmett
The Block NZ | Dyls and Dylz | Godfrey Hirst
Dyls and Dylz