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As the Oceanic subsidiary of Mohawk Industries, the world’s largest flooring company, we belong to a global network of leading products, brands and world-class manufacturing and we know that our future depends on the work we do today.

Our commitment to our planet extends beyond just products and processes: it’s how we challenge ourselves to do and be better every day, how we make decisions, how we reinvest in our people and our planet, and how we define what matters most as we work to deliver value for generations to come.

Being Carbon Responsible

Taking real climate action means voluntarily going above and beyond current regulations to achieve net zero carbon emissions. Godfrey Hirst Australia has proudly achieved Climate Active Carbon Neutral organisation status. Furthermore, Godfrey Hirst New Zealand carpet tufting plant and distribution facilities in Auckland are also proudly carbon neutral.

Environmental Certification Scheme

An extension of the Australian Carpet Classification Scheme (ACCS program), the Carpet Institute of Australia also run the Environmental Certification Scheme (ECS). The ECS program has four levels of certification with Level 4 being the highest standard.

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When it comes to material health, it’s what’s on the inside that matters most. Leading the way in healthy and environmentally conscious flooring, Godfrey Hirst is actively participating in the Declare program, and a number of our carpets have been officially certified Declare™ Red List Free.

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Green Tag

Global GreenTag is a third-party certification system that makes it easy to recognise products solutions that contribute to a more sustainably built environment. A range of our hybrid and vinyl flooring products have been awarded GreenRate Level A, the highest possible GreenRate certification.

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Triexta – Partially Plant based fibre

Godfrey Hirst has combined innovative carpet manufacturing with breakthrough Sorona® polymer technology to develop triexta carpet. Godfrey Hirst triexta carpets are made from Sorona® polymer which contains 37 percent renewable plant-based ingredients, less reliance on limited natural resources.

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Wool - The Natural Choice

The stunning range of wool carpets in the Godfrey Hirst and Hycraft carpet collections provide a natural, renewable and biodegradable fibre choice.

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Sustainability Features