New Zealand Wool Carpet

This Summer is the perfect time to look at adding a touch of luxury to your home with a premium Godfrey Hirst Pure New Zealand Wool Carpet.

New Zealand wool carpets are renowned for their luxury and quality with New Zealand being home to some of the world’s strongest and whitest wool. The whiteness of the fibre allows for an exceptional range of rich, clean colors in these woollen carpets.

Godfrey Hirst Pure New Zealand Wool Carpets come in a variety of colors and textures across many styles. From popular beiges, browns and greys to styles with stronger primary color highlights, our New Zealand wool carpets can either compliment or be the feature of your living space.

As with all wools, New Zealand Wool is a sustainable, natural and renewable fiber.

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New Zealand Wool Carpet - From the Sheep!
Pure New Zealand Wool Carpets