Inside Interior Design with Mikayla Rose

Mikayla Rose leads the small, creative team at design studio, Heartly.

She takes a down-to-earth approach to interior design with a contemporary, clean and warm style. Regularly featured in House & Garden, The Design Files and Home Beautiful, the Heartly team often use Hycraft Carramar, one of our most popular wool carpets.

What do you love about wool carpet?

I love the softness, durability, texture, warmth and, with some, such as Carramar Coal Ash, I love the variation in colour. It’s a natural product, there is something earthy and grounding about it. And it’s authentic too, it's hard to fake wool carpet!

What’s hot in carpet right now?

All of the above! We are still seeing strong minimalistic interiors with beautifully pared back palettes.

Careful layering and variation in texture is vital to make this work and wool carpet is a great way to add softness and warmth to a space.

What are your tips for choosing the right carpet colour?

If possible consider your entire palette early. A mood board with looks and items that you are drawn to is a good way to start. But then you may need to be disciplined to edit it back to the key details that you love repeatedly.

Once you have an understanding of the direction you are headed, piece together samples of the core finishes, such as paint colour, adjacent flooring such as timber, tiles and concrete etc The carpet is a fundamental element of the interior of your home and one that is unlikely to be changed often, so stick with a core colour from your palette. Charcoal and greys are still winners.

Rugs on carpet – what are the rules?

Significant variation in colour, weave and texture is important. The size of the rug is also important; it either needs to anchor the furniture entirely or highlight an area. Round colourful rugs on neutral carpets can be really fun.

Rugs on carpet can be a tripping hazard if the carpet is very lush and the rug is very light. It’s important to get the combination right so that the rug will sit flat.

Is carpet just for bedrooms?

No, not necessarily. Carpet is for where you want it in your home. It’s for where it will suit you and your family. Personally I love carpet in bedrooms and would always choose this if possible. But I also love the idea of a warm and cosy lounge room with a fire and super soft carpet. I’d be lying on the floor ALL the time!

What are the points to consider when matching carpet with hard flooring?

It comes back to the overall palette, the variation in texture and of course, consideration of colours. Again, I love Hycraft Carramar in Coal Ash for the variation of natural colours in the fibres within each loop. This makes it easier to match to multiple other surfaces.

It’s also important to consider the junction of the two surfaces and ensure there will be neat and level transition with no sharp or splintering edges.

Which designers, architects or interior designers do you admire and why?

Ooh so many! I have a major style crush on the work of Whiting Architects right now. They are skilled at paring back JUST the right amount AND creating interest and beautiful detail at the same time. Their work is contemporary and ordered and clean, yet there is still so much life and warmth in the spaces they create. All aspects I personally need and love.

What do you need to know about a client before you can get started on their home interior?

A LOT! We take the time and place great importance on listening to our clients so that we can understand how they live, what they love and what they don’t!

Our approach is very personal, we take the responsibility of designing a home or an interior for someone very seriously. Although we have lots of fun along the way! All of our work is customized to our clients, so this is a fundamental part of our practice.

If you could remove one thing from contemporary design would it be? (It’s pineapples, isn’t it?)

Ha ha!! Not necessarily, there might be a time and place for pineapples! One thing I don’t love is vast empty cold spaces. I appreciate the lines and shapes and light that can be manipulated in such spaces, but I like to see life… at least hints of the people that live within a space.

What is a common mistake you see people make in home interiors?

Ahhhh… we’ve seen a few! One that I really dislike is an attempt to re-create an on-trend shop window. Eugh! I think its important to gather things you love slowly over time. And to cherish things that have meaning to you. These can be mixed and edited with designer or classic pieces to create a space that feels current, but still belongs to you and your family.


Elwood House - Interiors designed by Mikayla Rose/Heartly and photography by Veeral Patel.

Northcote House - Building and interiors designed by Heartly and photographed by Derek Swalwell.

Both projects use Hycraft Carramar in Coal Ash.

Inside Interior Design | Mikayla Rose
Mikayla Rose for Heartly
Mikayla Rose | Inside Interior Design
"wool carpet is a great way to add softness and warmth to a space"
Inside Interior Design | Mikaya Rose
"carpet is a fundamental element of the interior of your home"
Mikayla Rose | Inside Interior Design
"Careful layering and variation in texture is vital"
Mikayla Rose | Inside Interior Design
Hycraft Carramar in Coal Ash for the Elwood House by Heartly
Mikayla Rose | Inside Interior Design
The Northcote House by Heartly
Carramar Coal Ash Hycraft
Hycraft Wool Carpet - Carramar in Coal Ash