Inside Interior Design with Sam Dunne

Sam Dunne from Dunne with Style has built a thriving online community, a hub and place of inspiration for creatives. She loves white space, bursts of colour and monochrome and takes a mean photograph.

She recently used our Evening Hues in colour Moonlit - for a photo shoot and as a lover of dark timber tones she adores Villa timber flooring in Espresso.

Where do you go for styling inspiration?

I go everywhere. I always have my eyes open. Whether the interiors of a coffee shop or a series of plants I see in a florist. I’m always looking for colour combinations and how colour works together with textural elements and how I can bring them into my home.

Where do you start when styling a space?

I always start with the emotion. What do you want to feel when you go into a room? Do you want to feel calm and relaxed and it’s a space for you to disconnect? Or is it a space that needs to be fast and functional so you can walk in and walk out?

If I want to create a luxurious bedroom, where would I start?

In a bedroom start with colour and your bed linen. The bed linen is going to give it that feeling of luxury so whether it’s a really rich linen or your bringing in some deep moody colours, that’s the focal point of the bedroom and then allowing everything else to work around that.

What colours are in?

That really deep rich moody colours in the blue palette through teals and greens. I love seeing that pared back with the opposite spectrum so reds and hot pink and purple and the interchange and the play between those.  

How many colours can you put in one space?

I would pick maximum two to three and then have varying shades of that colour.  

How do you choose a carpet or flooring style that will last?

Whether you’re looking at a hardwood floor, vinyl floor or carpet if it is a colour and texture you really love and works with the aesthetic of your home it will be long lasting.

What are your tips for choosing the right carpet colour?

Look at how the carpet colours are going to go with the furniture and furnishings that you’ve already got. Again, picking colours that are neutral and long-lasting but what is their relationship with the couch that you’ve got or the bedding that you’ve got and things that are going to be solid pieces already in your home.


Spend two minutes with Sam Dunne in our "Two Minutes with... " video as she shares tips and advice to inspire you.


Get the look:

Timber hardflooring in Villa Espresso

Evening Hues (Moonlit)


Photography - Sandy Rogulic 
Styling - Dunne with Style and Penny Hyams Interiors

Sam Dunne | Inside Interior Design
Sam Dunne from Dunne with Style
Sam Dunne | Inside Interior Design
"What do you want to feel when you go into a room?"
Sam Dunne | Inside Interior Design
Evening Hues in colour Moonlit
Sam Dunne | Inside Interior Design
Villa timber flooring in Espresso
Sam Dunne | Inside Interior Design
"I’m always looking for colour combinations."