Godfrey Hirst Triexta Carpets are carefully designed and made with performance, sustainability and health in mind. With a unique combination of colour and softness, Godfrey Hirst Triexta Carpets offer worry-free, luxurious living.

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Partially made from renewably sourced natural corn sugar

No topical treatment is needed

Chemical free cleaning with just water

30% less energy used during fibre production*

63% fewer greenhouse gas emissions released during fibre production*

Red List Free, healthy carpet certification

How triexta carpet is made

1. The process begins by harvesting crops.

2. The natural sugar, or glucose is extracted from the crops, then processed and transformed into Sorona® polymer.

3. Sorona® polymer is extruded to manufacture triexta yarn, which is then twisted and heat set.

4. The triexta yarn is made into Godfrey Hirst Triexta Carpet for your home

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