The Home Team Week 1 : Design and Demolish

Here we go again! In just 10 weeks The Home Team plan to turn this dark and tired old faithful into a light and spacious four bedroom family home. James goes over the new plans and then it's out with the old to make room for the new - and that means demolition!

Leah and James get busy demolishing the front brick fence, heating system and remove all the air conditioning ducts from under the house. They gut the bathrooms and the kitchen which opens up the living space and gives us a sense of the transformation to come. 

The Flooring

Anth and Julia rip up the carpet and discover a mixture of timber flooring and cork board, meaning the floors will have to be replaced. That's where we come in. Godfrey Hirst will be providing the Team with the flooring and carpet for the entire project. The beauty of our  hardflooring  floors  whether laminate, vinyl, bamboo or timber,  is they can be laid  directly on top of the  existing  subfloor. Perfect for this kind of renovation or just an fresh new look in your home.

Which flooring will they choose? Take a look at our complete range of hardflooring and carpet.  

In the Garden

Anth removes the clothesline and the old shed and gets a clear view of what lies ahead. It's a squared-off house in a triangle block so it's going to take some clever planning to and design to maximise the space. 

Next he removes any trees that are rotting, too close together, diseased or damaging fences and paths. Then the old fence is pulled down and a new one put up in its place. 

Top Tips from Week 1

  • Old houses have areas of asbestos. Get a professional team in early to identify and remove any asbestos safely.
  • Talk to a draughtsperson - they will determine any potential issues with the house and block and will research council regulations so the plans are within guidelines.
  • If there isn't consistent flooring or if the floorboards are too damaged, replacing the old with the new can be a lot easier than restoring. Take a look at the Godfrey Hirst carpet and hardflooring options.  
  • Hire a skip bin. You're going to need it!

What type of flooring would you choose for this space? Carpet, bamboo, vinyl, timber or laminate? Take a look at the Godfrey Hirst range here. 

Things move fast on The Home Team, in just one week they have the skeleton of a home and a clean slate in the garden.

Image Credits: All images sourced from The Home Team TV

The 'before' shot
'We're going to need new flooring!'
Things move fast on The Home Team.