The Home Team Week 4 : Versatile Villa Timber Flooring

Another busy week onsite at The Home Team’s summer renovation, with Julia providing some great advice on selecting and arranging furniture for living spaces. Leah’s up-cycling of an old chair demonstrated how easy it is to give existing pieces in your home a modern makeover.  Finishes for the kitchen were selected, with James visiting a design centre for some tips on selecting the right surfaces for your renovation.

The Flooring

James demonstrated a very clever alternate use for our amazing new timber product Villa   Flipping timber from the floor to the ceiling creates a unique, contemporary focal point to the entrance of the home, leading through to the main living areas.  The blonde timber tones Julia selected has added character and warmth, working well with the gorgeous charcoal tones of Orion vinyl planks on the floor.  By secret nailing the boards through the 5G Insta Clic® system, the beautiful new ceiling has a smooth finish that highlights the elegant patterns of real timber.

In the Garden 

The Home Team is creating the backyard for all seasons – a pool for cooling off on hot summer days, and an area to huddle around a fire toasting marshmallows in winter!  The pool installation has begun, and the boys also started work on the fire pit area.  Muscle power really came in handy with the arrival of some decorative rocks and boulders.

Top Tips from Week 4

  • Look for ways to update vintage furniture pieces to save money
  • A timber ceiling or wall feature is an easy way to create wow factor in your home
  • Order your flooring early to ensure timely delivery of product
  • New measuring tools on the market automatically calculate square meterage and save to your smart phone – very handy!
  • Decorative screening around pools and fencing creates privacy but allows light to filter through

How to install a timber ceiling with Godfrey Hirst flooring


Villa Timber Flooring on The Home Team
Villa Versatility - using timber floor boards on the ceiling
The Home Team Godfrey Hirst
The Home Team's task continues
Villa Timber boards on the ceiling