The Home Team Week 5 : Renovating, Roof & Render

A lot of the structural bones and external aesthetics of the house were completed this week so we are starting to get a true sense of how the finshed project will appear. On the outside the house has a new roof, facsias, windows, parapet, gutters and render and on the inside the internal walls and the bathrooms are tiled.

The Flooring

The kitchen benchtop and cabinetry is being completed which means the fabulous flooring can go next. We are super excited to see our Luxury Vinyl Planks installed and make this house start to look like a home.

The Garden

Huge changes in the garden this week as Anth gets in some heavy machinery to cut through the levels and make light work of the landscaping. Trenches are dug for the footing of the 6 foot walls that will frame the front yard and give the garden some privacy. Out the back, Anth recycles some of the trees from the backyard to make stepping stones that create a link between the pavers, the moon gate and the fire pit.

Leah enlists the help of the digger to dig holes for frames for the parapet, the frame goes up and is cladded and painted. This creates a dramatic entry to the front of the home, completely modernising it and adding value with a timeless appeal.

Tips from Week 5

  • The average bathroom costs $15,000, make it last by choosing neutral tiles – white, black, charcoal or shades of grey.
  • Ground covers are great to spread along garden beds. They can replace lawn, keep out weeds, give the garden a lush feel and create a beautiful, soft contrast against rocks, paths and timber.
  • Getting machinery in to your garden can save you time and money. Once you've mapped out the layout they help you get the levels and garden beds dug quickly and exactly the way you want them.
  • Indoor greenery is an affordable way to introduce colour and a living component to your space. The huge variety of pots give endless ways to dress up your plants and bring some colour and texture.

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