The Home Team Week 8: How to Style Bedroom Carpet

As we near the end of The Home Team renovation, it's time for the fun stuff - styling! But there was plenty of heavy lifting too - the furniture went in, aggregate was laid on the driveway, the ensuite was finished, the rumpus room was painted, sealed and revealed and Leah revamped some tree stumps into side tables.

The Carpet

Our favourite was the master bedroom reveal complete with a reading nook, amazing storage and, of course, our eco+ Carpet Dream View. The colour is Dark Shadow which was also used in the other bedrooms and is the perfect neutral base in multiple rooms. Eco+ is also a super soft carpet underfoot, perfect for creating that luxurious comfort in the bedroom.

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Julia chose a different colour scheme for this parents' retreat which perfectly demonstrates how versatile a grey carpet is across different colour and interior styles. For this space she used statement colours but kept it tranquil with luscious layered linens, cushions and metallics and shared her tips on how to style bedroom carpet.

In the Garden

The backyard looks amazing as Anth's vision for the space takes shape. He takes some leftover steel mesh from the concrete driveway and revamps it to make a climber for a passionfruit vine in the kitchen garden. What a clever used of extra space for a triangle block!

Julia's Styling Tips from Week 8

  • It's all about the composition, which is how all of the items in the room work together to create an atmosphere. Try your furniture in different positions to see which layout works best.
  • When combining colours, patterns and textures, look for a common link between them. In this space it was the pinks and oranges in the bed linen.
  • Mixing patterns (such as the bed linen) can clash. Leave a place for the eyes to rest, such as the colour blocked cushions that match the palette.
  • Don't be afraid to use darker wall or carpet colours in the bedroom, they can make the room feel nice and cosy. 
  • Contrast dark colours with light coloured bedding, cushions and furnishings. 

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The Home Team Master Bedroom Carpet
Dream View Eco+ carpet
The Home Team Eco+ Carpet
A room with a reading nook
The Home Team Grey Carpet
Lighten dark carpet with bright bedding